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Today, 27/04/24, PC 2054 Kinge has conducted about 70 miles of patrols on the beat area of Ludgershall, Tidworth and the surrounding rural areas; speaking with local businesses, providing updates and a visible presence.

Groups and individuals were spoken to, it was great to see many people enjoying their Saturday and the not so spring like weather.

I would like to remind those using the Salisbury Plain of the following:


• Ensure that you and your vehicle are fully road legal. Vehicular access on Salisbury Plain Training Area public rights of way and MOD roads is subject to the same regulations that apply to all public roads.

• Keep to the defined track. Areas of Salisbury Training Area are used for live firing and to leave defined MOD roads or public rights of way could be extremely dangerous.

• A speed limit of 30 mph is operated on MOD roads and it is strongly recommended that this is limited to 20 mph when travelling on public rights of way.

• Travel at a quiet and unobtrusive pace. When travelling in groups keep to a small number: four cars or six bikes maximum. Larger groups should split up and use alternative routes rather than using the same trails to avoid causing excessive damage.


More information on using the Salisbury Training Area can be found here -

20201022-SPTA_Greenlaning_Practice_Guide_2020_Version__Web_-FINAL.pdf (publishing.service.gov.uk)


If you see any suspicious activity in your community, tell us what you know. The information you provide could help us and prevent crime in your area.

You can pass any information anonymously to Crimestoppers

You can also report to Wiltshire Police directly.

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